Maltese Fonts For Download

Just a few fonts that might come in handy to people who open documents written in a Maltese font. Remember nowadays Windows supports typing documents in Maltese, in many fonts such as Times New Roman, so ideally when creating a document in Maltese you should use one of the standard fonts which are available on all Windows computers, such as Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, Georgia etc.

Click here to download Maltese Fonts (Fonts tal-Malti) (.zip Format)


To install these fonts, download the compressed file above, then unzip it using a program such as Winzip or Winrar.

Once you have the extracted files, copy them to the Fonts folder found at C:\Windows\Fonts.


Thomas Pace, one of this blog’s readers, has kindly made us aware of a very useful manual regarding using Maltese fonts on a PC, which can be downloaded from this location:


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  1. Thomas Pace says:

    B’rabta ma’ dan it-tagħrif fuq it-tipi Maltin, nixtieq nirreferik għal dan il-manwal li ħareġ il-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ilsien Malti:

  2. Joseph says:

    Prositpublish mla1g

  3. Caroline Farrugia says:

    Thanks Jean.
    Finally I’ve got the Maltese fonts that work properly.

    caroline Farrugia

  4. Gaby says:

    Thanks, great for a more attractive kid’s Maltese project!!

  5. Matthew says:

    Hi Jean,

    Thanks for the resource. Quick question, what do I have to do if I want to have Maltese characters on my website? (preferably Arial)


  6. Thomas says:

    Dear Matthew,

    To type in Maltese on websites, emails, documents, social networks, chatting etc., follow this manual:

    All you have to do is activate the language bar of your computer/laptop for Maltese. You DO NOT require special keyboards, drivers or Maltese fonts (like those available above for download). These are not compatible with different systems and change your text into strange symbols.

    The language bar, which is already installed in your computer, enables you to keep on using the most common fonts (such as Arial, Calibri, Comic Sans, Tahoma, and Times New Roman) with Maltese characters.

  7. Jean Galea says:

    For all my readers, I confirm what Thomas said, this is now the best way to type in Maltese on your computer. It is preferable to the old method of using Maltese fonts. Thanks Thomas.

  8. Matthew says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll look into it asap.

  9. Joseph Scerri says:

    The dotted z is mysteriously missing from all fonts! Is there a remedy to rerieve it?
    We have certainly come a long way since we started Maltese Lessons in Austrakia wth the help of the University of Malta. Great job!

  10. martin frendo says:

    fl’aħħar sibt xi ħaga bis sens.grażżi ħafna

  11. Thomas says:

    @ Joseph Scerri

    Fil-Microsoft (Control Panel>Regional and Language Options), ipprova ibdel id-disinn tat-tastiera (keyboard) minn 47-key għal 48-key (jew bil-maqlub). Suppost l-ittra ż (bit-tikka) tiġi, u normalment tkun minflok il-buttuna \ jew ~

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